English spoken dog training Nijmegen

Welcome to the English section of the Hondenman website. Interested in joining the only English spoken dog training in Nijmegen? Read up below to see who I am and what I am all about concerning dogs.

About me

I started being interested in dogs when I was still a little boy. I loved all animals and as many other small children I loved to cuddle them. But then I cuddled the wrong dog. It was a small pincher mix and it tried to get away. But I kept petting it and tried hugging it. And then it snapped at me and bit me in my nose. After the initial scare settled down I realised it was my own fault because the dog clearly let me know it didn’t want my attention.

My experience and vision

During the years that followed we had multiple dogs at my home. All lovely dogs and I have fond memories of them. I started training them myself from an early age and learned a lot about the different techniques of dog training. After experiencing all those different dog training methods I realised there is no one true or best method. Depending on each individual dog I help you and your dog become a real team. I give you the know-how on how you can become a real leader for your dog.

The ‘training-walk’

Each Sunday I go to one of the many nice woodlands surrounding Nijmegen. There I meet up with a maximum of 5 dogs and their owners for my dog training. But it isn’t a normal training, it is all about fun. We walk, talk, do some obedience exercises and do a lot of fun things too. Having a good time and strengthening the bond between a dog and its owner is the primary goal. The training-walk takes about 90 minutes. I give this training in a series of ten lessons which costs 110 euro (this is including tax/vat). Payment is in advance and you will receive a receipt with clearly separate tax/vat.

Private training and advice

It is also possible to enlist me to help you and your dog in private sessions. I can help battle anxiety issues, aggression issues and all other things. But don’t expect me to ‘fix’ your dog in one session. I give you the knowledge and the motivation to let you take on your dogs issues yourself. That might take mere days, but sometimes you will have to focus on working with your dog for months or even longer. Also, if you feel walking at least 90 minutes a day with your dog is too much of an effort, then I probably won’t be able to help you. If you are motivated and really want to invest your own time and effort in working on your dogs problems, I am happy to help you out. Private lessons cost 65 euros per hour. The first session usually lasts about two hours. In most cases, just one session will do. Some people prefer (or need) a second appointment about a month later to address some new or other issues.

Contact me!

Do you want to join the ‘Training-walk’ on Sunday morning or do you want to consult me for private training and advice? Or do you have any other questions? Please Sign up using the contact form.